Announcement of the IPC XIII/IOPC IX meeting
 at Tokyo in August 2012

     The Organizing Committee of the IPC XIII/IOPC IX 2012 meeting is pleased to announce that the meeting will be held in Tokyo in August 23 – 30 as previously planned.  As many of you already know, many parts of northern Japan had suffered major damages by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami this year.  Those events and related accidents at the Fukushima nuclear power-plants are still affecting many lives in the region.  Although the recovery from the disasters has been slow and hard in the region, the progress is steady and sure-footed by many volunteers and local people backed by various governmental agencies.  As widely reported the accidents at the Fukushima nuclear plants have affected the electric supplies for many business and industrial activities in northeastern Japan.  Fortunately, the effects on the lives of more than 20 million people in Tokyo and its vicinity are very limited, and the radiation level in Tokyo is far below the safety thresholds (web site1 and 2 (see below)). Since right after the disasters the Organizing Committee has contacted various organizations and people related to the IFPS and IOP about possible options and contingency plans for a successful and safe meeting next year.  All things considered the Organizing Committee has come to the conclusion that we will be able to hold safely the IPC/IOP meeting at the Chuo University in Tokyo next summer. 
     Because of the unexpected events our preparations for the conference are slightly behind the schedule.  New information materials will be available in the second circular that will appear in our web site (web site 3) in July; those include the updates on the plans and schedules of events during the conference, pre- and post-conference excursions, registration and abstract deadlines, financial supports and assistance for international participants, and our contingency plans in case of unexpected situations, and others.
     Over the last three months we have received warm supports and encouragements from many members of the IFPS and IOP.  We are grateful to all of you and appreciate further supports for a successful meeting at Tokyo in August 2012.  See many of you at Tokyo soon!

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Truly yours,
Norio Sahashi
President of the Organizing Committee of the IPC XIII/IOPC IX 2012
(June 20th, 2011)