1. 6.Visa Application

Documents for visa application


  The set of the documents including an invitation letter for the purpose of assisting participants with visa applications for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan is available. If you require the documents mentioned above, please contact the congress management office ( ipciopc2012@kpu.ac.jp ) giving following details. Your registration number should be included in E-mail title such as "e001: Documents for visa application".

1. Registration number (digit beginning with e, like "e001")

2. Abstract number (four-digit)

3. Name (the same as on passport)

4. Date of birth  (DD/MM/YYYY)

5. Nationality

6. Male/Female

7. Your status and institution at which you works

8. Schedule of stay in Japan (from arrival to leave)

9. Flight information including flight number and date, airport (From xxx airport to xxx airport)

10. Accommodation information (name, address and phone number) during ALL your stay in Japan

11. What place of the Japanese Embassy or consulate that you will submit the application for your VISA to Japan

12. Postal Mail address to which the documents to be sent.  Please note that complete and correct address including postal code is required.  We will send the documents for VISA application to this address. 

  These information are indispensable, because Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan require all of these in their form.  Please be advised that if these information are not provided, we can not prepare the documents.  Please fix your schedule (e.g. accommodation and flights) prior to request of the documents for visa application.

  The Documents for visa application does not imply any financial obligation on the part of the congress organizers.

  Please note, that your registration and payment for the registration fee must be complete before documents for visa application can be issued. Also, it takes several weeks to prepare the documents.

  For accompanied person, the congress management office can not issue the documents for visa application. Because the different type of visa is required for accompanied person by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. If they need visa, please ask travel agencies in your country.