2-2 Science Program

Various topics for Palynology and Palaeobotany are arranged in scientific programs at the congress. Plenary sessions, Symposium sessions (oral and poster), General sessions (oral and poster),  Luncheon seminar and symposium open to the public are offered. The schedule table is shown in the page of General Program.

2. Schedule

1. Outline of scientific program

Scientific program consists of:

(1) Plenary session (invitation only)

(2) Symposium session (oral and poster presentations)

(3) General session (oral and poster presentations)

(4) Others (symposium open to the public, luncheon seminar, etc)

1-(3) General session

The program committee organizes the general session which covers all disciplines of palynology and palaeobotany such as palaeoecology, palaeoclimatology, biostratigraphy, plant taxonomy, plant morphology, cell biology, aerobiology, allergology, melissopalynology, forensic palynology, etc.

(GS01) Paleozoic palynology and botany

(GS02) Mesozoic palynology and botany

(GS03) Cenozoic palynology and botany

(GS04) Quaternary palynology and botany

(GS05) Method in palynology and paleobotany

(GS06) Taphonomy

(GS07) Pollen morphology

(GS08) Airborne pollen

(GS09) Mellisopalynology

(GS10) Pollination ecology

(GS11) Forensic palynology

1-(4) Others (symposium open to the public, luncheon seminar, etc)

Symposia open to the public

Luncheon seminar

East AsiaPaleobotany

Search your session on following table in numeric order.

    SS: symposium session, GS: general session, OP: symposium open to the public,     

    LS:Luncheon seminar

     AM1: 9:00-10:20, AM2: 10:50-12:10, PM2: 14:30-15:50, PM3: 16:20-17:40

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1-(1) Plenary session

Plenary talk 1   August 23

A history of the Palynological Society of Japan: Japanese pollen & spore research from 1965 to 2012

Norio Sahashi

Plenary talk 2   August 23

Like Japan Archipelago, Japanese paleobotany in a Hot Spot

Harufumi Nishida & Kazuhiko Uemura

Plenary talk 3   August 23

Practical palynology, broad promises and limitations

Wei-Ming Wang

Plenary talk 4   August 24

How ancient ecosystems became sustainable

Thomas N. Taylor

Plenary talk 5   August 24

Recent changing land use and allergies in Europe

Carmen Galán

The program, time table and abstract of each science session can be download from the Download page.