PASMO Card (a chargeable IC card) for transportation

PASMO is an IC rechargeable card which allow repeated use of a single card for transportation system. All the participants of IPC/IOPC2012 are granted to have a PASMO card charged \500JPY (Also, a \500JPY deposit is included). The PASMO card allows you to travel on rail (subway, JR and private rails) and bus in the metropolitan area. With \500JPY you can have at least 3 subway rides in the minimum fee area (\160JPY). It can also be used as electronic money when making purchases at participating stores. In the metropolitan area PASMO is compatible to the Suica system which is another type of electronic money for Japan Rail users, and can also be used at participating stores displaying the "Suica” mark.


When using PASMO, just touch softly on the reader of the train ticket gate or of the participating shop cashier. The reading section will flash blue, making a "pi" sound or "pi pi" sound when it has finished reading.

 PASMO can be charged at stations of private railways and subways using ticket-vending machines accepting PASMO. You can, for example, recharge it at the Korakuen Station or Kasuga Station nearby the Venue. The desired amount can be selected from 1000JPY, 2000JPY, 3000JPY, 4000JPY, 5000JPY, 10000JPY.


When you no longer use PASMO, you can be refunded at the station office or bus station office. A refund fee (¥210) will be deducted from your PASMO and the remaining money together with your 500JPY deposit (already paid by the Organizing Committee) will be refunded.

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1. Basic Information in Japan

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