4. Field Trips (excursions)

4-1 List of Field Trips

Five mid-congress one-day trips (Aug. 26, Sun.) and 2 pre- and 5 post-congress field trips are offered. All field trips arranged by the organizing committee should be registered through the online registration form.  For tour packages arranged by travel agencies such as followings, please make your registration to each agency, directly.

Tour Package by travel agencies

One day tours (Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Nikko, and Tokyo city etc.) and tour packages with English-speaking guide are provided from the following travel agencies:

>JTB Sunrise Tours 

>Hato Bus Tours

>Tokyo City Tour

Mid-conference Field Trips  (Aug. 26, 2012 (Sunday))

Registration of Mid-conference Field Trips was closed.

Detail information will be indicated in the early February, 2012.

Mid-1. Beech forest in Mt. Takao and a latest Pliocene fossil forest in Hachioji, West Tokyo.

     Organizer: Arata Momohara

     Expense: 7,000 JPY,   Maximum participants: 20, Minimum participants: 8

Mid-2. Late Miocene fossil flora from Yagii Formation, and visit to historical town Koedo Kawagoe, Saitama.

    Organizer: Junji Horiuchi

    Expense: 5,500 JPY,   Maximum participants: 20, Minimum participants: 12


Mid-3. Subalpine coniferous forest with wave regeneration in Mt. Shimagare, Nagano Prefecutre.

     Organizer: Susumu Okitsu

     Expense: 10,000JPY,   Maximum participants: 22, Minimum participants: 12


Mid-4. Last Glacial fossil forest in Karuizawa and volcanic geography in Mt. Asama, West Nagano.

     Organizer: Hiroo Nasu.

     Expense: 12,000JPY,  Maximum participants: 20, Minimum participants: 4

Mid-5. Well-preserved fossil plants from the Middle Pleistocene lacustrine beds in Shiobara, Tochigi.

     Organizer: Kazuhiko Uemura.

     Expense: 18,000 JPY,    Maximum participants: 20

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