Symposia Program and Abstract

1. Airborne pollen and spores as allergic agents

(SS02) Cross-reactivity of pollen allergy     SS02.pdf

(SS15) Impact of Climate Change on Aeroallergen, Asthma and Clinical Immunology      SS15.pdf

(SS27) Recent airborne allergenic pollen and spore research: phenological trends in different locations      SS27.pdf

(SS28) Recent methodology for pollen dispersal forecast     SS28.pdf

(SS43) New trends of the diagnosis and therapy of pollinosis (Invitation only, in Japanese)   SS43.pdf

2. Innovative tools for palynological and palaeobotanical studies

(SS01) Palynological electronic resources and methods of palynological data processing and summarization    SS01.pdf

(SS07) Quantitative reconstructions of past vegetation/land cover at local to continental spatial scales using pollen records– potentials and limits  (revised on Aug, 18)   SS07.pdf

(SS09) Quantifying Cenozoic vegetation – new developments in standardized approaches (a joint ROCEEH and NECLIME symposium)    SS09.pdf

(SS18) Progress and future direction in automated palynology     SS18.pdf

(SS22) Application of digital visualization methods to advance paleobotanical studies  SS22.pdf

(SS26) Advancing High-Resolution, High-Throughput Research in Paleoecology    SS26.pdf

(SS41) Ecological insights from palynological and macrofossil analysis (revised on Aug, 25)   Abstract_SS41_0825.pdf

3. History of human-plants relationship

(SS29) Use and management of plant resources in prehistoric periods in East Asia    SS29.pdf

(SS31) Palynological evidence of past traditional farming systems and pastoralism   (revised on Aug, 27, 28)  Abstract_SS31_0828.pdf

(SS35) Environmental and cultural dynamics of the last 21,000 years,with emphasis on prehistorical agriculture in East Asia and other places of the world     (revised on Aug, 25) Abstract_SS35_0825.pdf

4. Quaternary ecosystems and climates

(SS04) Tropical coastal environments: Drivers and consequences of ecological change in the late Quaternary   SS04.pdf

(SS05) Late Quaternary environments in Southeast Asia    SS05.pdf

(SS06) "Into the Icehouse" climate and vegetation change at the end of the Pliocene (a joint ROCEEH and NECLIME symposium)   SS06.pdf

(SS16) Holocene Palynology and Tropical Palaeoecology   SS16.pdf

(SS24) Detection and characterisation of millennial-scale climate variability in Quaternary pollen records (INQUA IFG ACER symposium)    SS24.pdf

(SS25) Late Cenozoic to modern marine palynology of the circum-Pacific Ocean   SS25.pdf

5. Cenozoic plants and biosphere surrounding them

(SS03) Uplift of the Himalaya and its impact on the climatic and biodiversity changes in East Asia     SS03.pdf

(SS08) Climatically-forced vegetation changes short-termed (a NECLIME symposium)   SS08.pdf

(SS12) East Asian vegetational responses in the critical climate change events of the Cenozoic    (revised on Aug, 18, Aug, 23)    SS12_0823.pdf

(SS14) The evolutionary history of conifers that are now endemic to Asia     SS14.pdf

(SS17) Palaeoecology of Cenozoic conifers – limits of actualisms?     SS17.pdf

(SS30) Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Woods. Ecological, Systematic, and Biogeographic Insights from the Fossil Wood Record  (revised on Aug, 18)   SS30.pdf

(SS37) The flora of the Paleogene: diversity, distribution and regional to global responses to changing climates     (revised on Aug, 18, 25)    Abstract_SS37_0825.pdf

(SS42) Neogene global tectonic and climatic change as drivers in plant evolution: linking the palynological, palaeobotanical and molecular records   SS42.pdf

6. Phytogeography and systematics of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic plants

(SS21) Paleofloristic and paleoenvironmental changes in Asia throughout the Mesozoic : palynological and megafossil evidence    SS21.pdf

(SS33) Southern Hemisphere floras: unique insights into the biology and ecology of Southern Hemisphere ecosystems    SS33.pdf

(SS34) Evolutionary history of key taxa and phytogeography of the Jurassic and Cretaceous floras of Eurasia   (revised on Aug, 18)  SS34.pdf

(SS36) Continents before vascular plants   SS36.pdf

(SS38) Triassic and Jurassic plants: systematics, diversity variation and environmental background  (revised on Aug, 23)     SS38_0823.pdf

(SS39) Precambrian to Palaeozoic Palynology: the state of the art (CIMP-sponsored Symposium)   SS39.pdf

7. Evolution and development in palaeobotanical contexts

(SS10) Exine development and pattern formation, unifying ultrastructural and genetic approaches   SS10.pdf

(SS11) Paleozoic Plant Physiology    SS11.pdf

(SS13) Bridging the Gap between Palynology and Phylogeography: From Ice Core Genetics to Lakebed Sediments (revised on Aug, 18, 27)     Abstract_SS13_0827.pdf

(SS32) Evolutionary novelties in Land Plants and developmental mechanisms behind     SS32.pdf

(SS40) Tracing the history of extant angiosperm clades with paleobotanical data     SS40.pdf

8. IOP presidential symposium (Invitation only)

(SS23) IOP Presidential Symposium: new concepts and discoveries in plant paleontology  SS23.pdf

General Session

(GS01) Paleozoic palynology and botany    GS01.pdf

(GS02) Mesozoic palynology and botany    GS02.pdf

(GS03) Cenozoic palynology and botany   (revised on Aug, 18, 23, 25) Abstract_GS03_0825.pdf

(GS04) Quaternary palynology and botany GS04.pdf

(GS05) Method in palynology and paleobotany  GS05.pdf

(GS06) Taphonomy    GS06.pdf

(GS07) Pollen morphology   GS07.pdf

(GS08) Airborne pollen   GS08.pdf

(GS09) Mellisopalynology   GS09.pdf

(GS10) Pollination ecology  GS10.pdf

(GS11) Forensic palynology   GS11.pdf

Symposia open to the public

(OP1) Recent progress of paleoethnobotanical studies on origins of agriculture in East Asia (in Japanese )    OP1.pdf

Luncheon seminar

(LN1) Pollen sensitization among rhinitis patients in Inner Mongolia, China    LS1.pdf

The science program and the events schedule 

Time Table of Science Program     PresentationTimeTable0828.pdf

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