Information from the organizing committee

Aug 28, 2012

>The latest version of the program  PresentationTimeTable0828.pdf

Also, the program on the program booklet can be revised to the latest one by following Change list.

>Business Hour

Headquarter (5134) 8:30pm-6:00pm

Upload Desk  (5136)  8:30am-5:00pm

Registration Desk (5133) 8:30am-6:00pm

Cloak (5138) 8:30am-6:00pm

>Organizers of each Symposia

We greatly appreciate for your efforts. We would like to present a souvenir to you. Please visit the Registration Desk.

>Please visit Exhibition Rooms (4th Floor, Building #6)

You can find something interest in Exhibition Rooms. Also some books (Pollen Flora of Yunnan...), Back numbers of Japanese Journal of Palynology and etc... are  available free of charge in Exhibition Room.